Hi, I'm Jody Bailey and I...tell stories.

I communicate complex ideas through photography and writing in the production of content marketing to narrative journalism. I have a bachelor's of arts in media and communications from Western University that has lead to quite the winding career, but one that suits the current media landscape we find ourselves in.

Web developer, designer, photographer, copy writer, business strategist, entreprenuer, Canada's best overclocker, and ice cream eating champion.*

Let’s use the word eclectic to summarize my history. It simply means I have a diverse background to draw from in my storytelling.

I like big glass
by Paul Swanson

Fun Facts About Me

I wear a uniform every day. A MLB fitted cap, impecable moustache, plain tri-blend T’s, Dickies shorts, and flip-flops on my feet — always. I’ve seen the Die Hard triology 273 times. Ice cream is a food group in my opinion. I can’t eat fruit. My Mile PB is 5:35. I only learned how to whistle at 34. And I talk to myself...a lot.

A photo of me by Keb Doak from Brand and Community at Lululemon LA taking a photo crammed up against the side of a small plane. I'm wearing a Dodgers cap with the uniform and my moustache appears to be one with the camera due to shadows. Jody Bailey wearing a grey Ciele cap and turquoise Lululemon running shirt, is laughing and pointing at the camera. Jody Bailey taking a photo between two tall trees on the Grouse Grind in Vancouver BC.

In a Nutshell.

I really do just want to tell stories combining photography, writing, and all that my extensive experience affords. It’s that simple. If you think we could be a good fit for your magazine, brand, project, idea, or trip, let’s talk and start telling your story.

My Work